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The Science of Stage Fright

So I can’t remember if I have let you all know I’m crazy into psychology. Learning about the mind is challenging and so rewarding all at the same time. I feel if I have a small understanding of the mind, somehow it will better myself.
This video was a great depiction of stage fright. If you understand it, maybe you can conquer it.


Baby Foot Lake

Wife and I did a day hike to Baby Foot Lake in Oregon. It was a little over two miles in and the same coming out. The trail was very nicely maintained, but still had to climb over about 20 trees total. This area was burnt up during the Biscuit Fire in 2002. I remember going there before the fire and shortly after around 2005. Back then everything was charcoal, but there is a lot of new growth now. The trees are half black and half white. It’s crazy to see. Take a look at the video and the photos.

photo (1)

photo (2)

photo (3)

photo (4)