This one goes out to Tiger Lacey

If your a believer in Christ and believes in all He can do, please now pray for my dear friend and bother Tiger Lacey. He’s in the CIU in Bend, Oregon. I don’t know much, but I think he may have gotten a virus overseas, and with the combination of battling a tooth infection, caused him to stop breathing. He was taken to the CIU where he’s on support and they have started the treatment for the virus and infection. Last I heard, he’s blood oxygen levels were starting to come up, which I believe is a good sign.

If you’re a believer, now it is the time to get on your knees and pray. Ty is a Husband, a new father, a friend to many, and brother to lots.

These go out to Ty.

Update: It looks like it’s Bacterial Meningitis. Please continue to pray as hard as you can. Meningitis is severe. Please God, be with Ty. Stop the swelling. Bring him back to us.

This one goes out to Tiger Lacey