Lift My Life Up

I hope everyone is having a nice weekend. When I listened to this song recently, I definitely felt the spirit move in me.
I hope by hearing this song, you are open to the spirit as well.


Christian Theology- To have Faith

This idea goes hand and hand with 2 John in the Bible. John is giving a powerful message that warns us not fall for false teachings. Believing false teaching can disconnect us from God just like sin can.

I was challenged to understand the true concept of faith and how we actually have true faithfulness in God.
Many believe, including me at one time, that if we really want God to enter our heart and really want to follow Him, we pray that God would give us Faith in him. We do understand how important faith is so we pray, “oh God Please, give me complete faith in you, so that I can follow you in your ways and be completely devoted to you.” Sound familiar?

This idea basically meaning that it is God that draws us, or entices us to Him. It is God’s responsibility to give us faith once we pray for it.

The study of Christian Theology is to find the true meaning of the Bible. The best we can understand it from God’s point of view. I was challenged on the idea that I’m drawn to faith. This word is used in a few places in the Bible, specifically in Acts 20:30 when it comes to faith. What is the meaning of this word to be “drawn” to?

I was very much convicted while listening to a sermon to look at the true interpretation of being drawn to faith. It’s not God’s job to give us faith. It is only by getting to a point in your life that we are so pressed, the only thing left for us to do is open your heart and allow Him to work a faithful spirit in us.

We are not drawn to faith, we are compelled to faith, which is different. Compelled is strong and more intentional. Compelled is a closer interpretation of this word when it looked at in its original Greek meaning. There is more of a sense of this is something I have to do and this is only something that happens when we desire that relationship with Him. Everyone, we all are compelled to know Him. To know Him is the only way to have faith. See the difference?

We have to pray that God enters our heart, make us right through Him, and he’ll do the rest. We are not magically drawn to faith, but it is something we are compelled too and once we realize who directs our lives and understand it is His plan, only then do we have true faith. With this kind of faith, even during the hard times, your faith in Him will be solid and you wont ask “why is this happening to me”. You will be comforted knowing God’s in control. It’s His design. That’s true faith. This is the type of faith God has in us.

How do you know we are right with God? His spirit will live inside us. We will know and feel the difference. Having true faith will always amazes us about how great God really is.


Christian Theology- To have Faith

A new way of looking at it. Wait! What?

Thought I would share. I have pretty mixed emotions about it.

edit: After thinking about it for a bit, I had the same conclusion I did this morning when I first watched the video…There is nothing I can do about this, it is the way of the world.
I understand it is not ok, but really what can we do about it? The only thing I can do is pass it along in my blog, but that’s it. Make people aware of it, because just understanding it is so powerful already.
I do know this, comparing this curve to the past is a little skewed. We have a larger pile of money that is shared among the lower class verses in the past. Less money went to the same amount of people. So, this problem in my mind is not getting worst. The rich are just getting richer, but are we really affected?
If I take a look at myself, I’m on the portion of the left of the scale that is not even seen. Is my life that bad? Nope. Would it be great if the monies the riches has are filtered down to the poorest. It sounds like a dream, just I dream that will never happen. This is the way it has always been. There has always been the elite of people, then the rest of us.

A new way of looking at it. Wait! What?

DSM-5 Typo: Pedophilia Described as ‘Sexual Orientation’

So, I heard this on the radio today. The basics of the story is that the DSM manual is the diagnostic and statistical manual for mental disorders. It is what many professions in the psychology field use to help diagnostic and treat their patients. It was created by the American Psychiatric Association and it comes out once every 10 years. It’s used as the authority over all mental disorders.

Today I heard that a group of people went through the manual once it was released this year and found (along with other things) that Pedophilia is described as a sexual orientation. If you are unsure what that means, the easiest way to understand it is an example. I’m a heterosexual male meaning my sexual preference is women. It was the way I was born. Heterosexual is the most common. Now, people claim they are homosexual, meaning they are sexually attached to the same sex, and many claim they are born this way too.

The way the DSM manually currently has Pedophilia in their manual, is that it is an orientation, it was the way they were born. They are sexually attached to children and it is the way they are made.

Now, why is this an issue?
Well, first, when this was brought up to the APA, they said it was a mistype… They claim it should have said “sexual interest”. In my opinion, this still does not fix the issue and they had 10 years to write and revise this manual. Why are their typos and where are the others?

A sexual orientation is something we group people into, but it is something we cannot discriminate against. For example, it’s against the law for someone not to hire someone based on sexual orientation. If they are gay, you cannot not hire them because of that. If pedophilia is an orientation, someone would not have the right to not hire that person because they are a pedophile. That means, schools, day cares… could all have known pedophiles working for them…

I’ve also heard that this has already been tried to be used in courts because when a different couple of people were charged for pedophile reasons, they claimed they were not guilty ‘because that was the way they were born, they can’t help it.” The APA DSM manual only backs up this claim and it is the leading diagnosis manual we have for mental disorders. How well will that play out in court.

To me, pedophilia is a disease of the mind and it should be treated as such. Make sure to let the person know they are not a bad person to have these feeling, but they should never get to a point where they are acted on. This is not the norm, therefore, it is abnormal. We never see adult-child sexual relationships and when we do, we consider it a crime, not just a harmless orientation. People with pedophilia need on-going treatment.

I’m encourage to speak about about this because if we don’t, the diagnosis will just sit in this written manual for the 10 years, everyone thinking it is truth, when it’s not. An example similar to this is when Aspergers was added to the manual and then we had an explosion of people that were diagnosed with Aspergers. The same thing happened to Bi-Polar and now everyone and their mom has Bi-Polar. What would happen if pedophilia becomes normal?

DSM-5 Typo: Pedophilia Described as ‘Sexual Orientation’