A new way of looking at it. Wait! What?

Thought I would share. I have pretty mixed emotions about it.

edit: After thinking about it for a bit, I had the same conclusion I did this morning when I first watched the video…There is nothing I can do about this, it is the way of the world.
I understand it is not ok, but really what can we do about it? The only thing I can do is pass it along in my blog, but that’s it. Make people aware of it, because just understanding it is so powerful already.
I do know this, comparing this curve to the past is a little skewed. We have a larger pile of money that is shared among the lower class verses in the past. Less money went to the same amount of people. So, this problem in my mind is not getting worst. The rich are just getting richer, but are we really affected?
If I take a look at myself, I’m on the portion of the left of the scale that is not even seen. Is my life that bad? Nope. Would it be great if the monies the riches has are filtered down to the poorest. It sounds like a dream, just I dream that will never happen. This is the way it has always been. There has always been the elite of people, then the rest of us.

A new way of looking at it. Wait! What?