Work Around the House- Happy Birthday Babe!

So around the house, things are slowly starting to change. It was Kassie’s birthday about two weeks ago. So, while she was out of town the weekend before her birthday I did something as a surprise. One thing she wanted for her birthday was a place of her own outside that was just hers; something she would consider peaceful. A meditation corner. So, while she was out, this is what I was able to come up with. It’s in the first stages, but I think this was what she was asking for.

Meditation Corner

In the back corner, there is some grapes with a couple of waterfall fountains next too each end of the seat. She has all of her herbs positioned very nicely. She would like the seat to be replaced with a bath tub. I want something that can cover the ground that is soft and easy to maintain.

I don’t have a before picture of this corner of our house, but let me just describe it as a vine graveyard. There were vines growing all the way out to the window and up about half way up the tree. I wacked them down pretty good, but there was another reason for the cardboard to be on the ground. It is a great weed blocker.

The other project I had going around the house was a new fence. Take a look.

New Fence

Before, there was just a green wired fence that was put up with a few stakes. I took the same stakes and fence sections that we hand painted and put them up. Total project time was two to three months because we started with the fence pieces, had to pick up a couple more, paint them, then put them up. It took a while, but I think it turned out nicely.

Thanks for checking it out. I’ll work on posting some more projects I have going.

Work Around the House- Happy Birthday Babe!